One Time Coaching Call - 31 Day Class Members Only

$500.00 $150.00 SAVE 70%

Are you in a 31 day class or have you completed one?

Right now you're going through something.  It could be one of these:

Your marriage

Your business

Your relationship with others

Your health

Your discipline

Whatever it is that's weighing you down and keeping you from advancing, you feel like you need help getting to the next level.

You're not alone.

Joel has helped hundreds of men just like you who are going through something in their lives.  

Schedule a 25 minute phone call with Joel.  Doesn't seem long enough?  Don't worry, a lot can be accomplished in this time because the moment you get on the call with Joel, you will get right to work on finding a solution and developing a plan to get you out of this rut and overcoming this obstacle that you're facing.

The rate for this call is valued at $500 per Joel's hourly rate.  If you solve a $50,000 problem, or better yet, a problem that has no price tag on it, what's the worth to you?

The cost for these 25 minutes is only $150 and is open only to current students or graduates of a 31 day class with Joel Gandara.

Once you've completed payment, book your call here: