You've completed one of the 31-day challenge classes and you don't want to fall behind and lose the momentum that you've built.

Members of the Alliance will receive the following:

* Private WhatsApp Group: Connect with a supportive network of like-minded men and receive encouragement and motivation on a daily basis.

* Zoom meetings each month: Join us for meetings where you can connect and discuss your progress and challenges.  Some of these meetings will be in a question and answer format with Joel Gandara, where Alliance members can ask Joel questions about family, life, business, and beyond.

* Weekly Challenge: Stay on track and continue to grow with weekly challenges designed to help you achieve your goals.

* 10% off one-on-one coaching with Joel Gandara.

* One free, annual one-on-one coaching call with Joel Gandara (15 minutes).

* Eligibility to upgrade to The Brotherhood at any time in your Alliance journey.  Application and approval required.

Don't let the hard work you put in during the 31-Day Challenge go to waste. Join the Alliance and take your personal growth and development to the next level. Register today and start your journey towards a better, more fulfilling life.

We look forward to supporting you in your continued journey toward success!